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Boot Fitting

For long days on the slopes make sure your boots are ready for the challenge.

With our premium boot fitting service we will shape your downhill ski boot to make it more comfortable for those long ski days. 

We believe that a good boot fit starts with a good set of insoles with a full range of Sidas insoles and socks we can get you skiing better and comfortably with the industry standard in ski boot comfort.

How it works: 


Come in with your boots and ski socks so we can identify the areas that are providing discomfort

We will take the liner out and heat up the outside of the boot and with our speciality hydraulic boot press punch out the problem areas of the boot until it there is no discomfort


$50 - Includes 3 boot punches

We start with one punch and you can come back for two more punches or until there is no more pain


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