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Custom Builds


We've prided ourselves as one of Montreal's premiere custom bike builders since 2013. Every type of frame material from titatnium to carbon built with your choice of components. We have the capacity to custom build frames right from the raw materials to provide the best possible fit for every type of rider. 

We have accounts with an a plethora of frame and component brand that make parts for every type of bike and every type of rider. Sometimes a lot of the big box brands can't always support all of the little specifications that makes a bike yours. 


Our Process


1. Initial Consultation - Come by the shop or contact us online with your prefereances and what you're looking for. We discuss what you've liked in previous bikes and where you will be riding your dream bike. 

2. Fitting Process - Using our fitting studio with a registered physiotherapist and all the latest technology in Retul equipment so we can get your true fit and find the best size for you. 

3. Build Specifications - We will discuss what you are looking for in regards to components and wheels. What you build a custom bike with is one of the most important aspects. Whether to go with electronic or mechanical shifting, carbon or aluminum wheels all of these decesions can play a big factor in making a forever bike. 

4. Final Build - When everything arrives and we finish your build we will do a final fit assesment to align any little tweaks to your fit and build that we can to make it better. 


See our journal for more indepth look at some of the custom builds we've done.





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