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The need for speed: Les Mardis cycliste de Lachine

The need for speed: Les Mardis cycliste de Lachine

Summer nights filled with breaks, crashes, drama and glory read all about the return of Les Mardis cyclistes de Lachine here: // Photo: Andy Vathis

After ten weeks of fast paced, high stakes racing this years Mardis Cyclist de Lachine came to an end. It had been a long 3 year hiatus from the iconic Montreal race series. Since 1978 the Les Mardis have been the stomping ground for all the best racers to come out of our belle province like Boivin, Duchesne and Houle. The race had become synonymous with hot Montreal summer nights as spectators from all walks of life enjoyed the racing. With ages from u14 to the Pro 1 category there is racing for all ages.


The long standing crit series followed the same fate as many iconic events through the pandemic, unfortunately this one took a little longer to get back up on its feet. With a race of such proportions it was hard to find the right people to take it on over covid. It was an uncertainty on the 2022 calendar and hopes were looking down for this season until the right hands took on the massive undertaking. Pooling together sponsors from the area as well as Specialized and the City of Montreal all ten races of the 2023 Mardis season were a success.


The highlight of the night being the Pro at 7pm which regularly averages speeds of over 50km/h as they race in the huge pack through the tight city streets of Lachine. With tensions high there are often big spills causing pill-ups, broken bikes and limbs. But with that risk the race still draws in numbers of over 80 racers a night. With the Mardis back it means the Montreal racing scene is back in full swing and we’re so grateful to everyone involved with its return.


Here at Golden we’ve had a Golden jersey in almost every Mardis since our start in 2013, even taking home the Black points jersey back in 2016. This season the Golden Racing Project had Aidan and Mark racing in the Pro mens race as well as Arden Burrows in the Pro women’s peloton. The Mardis were a huge part of our calendar this season since they were the only race that the whole crew could watch and race right after our doors close in Beaconsfield. All ten nights of this summers Mardis Cyclist de Lachine featured a Golden jersey and we can’t wait to do the same next year!


Thank you to our race team sponsors Specialized and Oakley for keeping us looking as fresh as possible out there this year!


Looking to get into racing? Send us a message and we’d love to help you out!