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Golden Routes: Little Red Public Route

Golden Routes: Little Red Public Route

Loose gravel climbs, small Laurentian lakes and the beautiful Rivère-Rouge, the Little Red Public Route is our go to short Sunday morning gravel rips.


This loop is a variation of the Big Red Public Route made by the folks over at the Big Red Gravel Run. This loop takes the lower half of the public route so if you're looking for a morning adventure instead of an all day this route is perfect. 


Winding up the iconic Scotch Line out of Grenville you'll be met with a lot of loose gravel and some quick little descents. Then you will turn left out onto a road for a little bit past the Big Red start and finish. After that little paved bit the route will take you down along the Rivère-Rouge. 


For this ride we'd recommend using anything bigger than a 38c tire with some grip on the shoulders. A slick will be fine for a lot of the ride but you will need a little grip on the loose gravel corners on Scotch Line.


See you out there!



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