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Fenders, Fenders, Fenders

Fenders, Fenders, Fenders

Your off-season doesn't have to be spent in a cave. The Caledonia-5's fender mounts make riding well into the off-season a possibility. Check out all you need to know about fenders on the Cervélo Caledonia-5 here as well as possibilities for fenders on other road bikes here:

     In the realm of road bikes, the inclusion of fenders is a rarity, especially when it comes to carbon road bikes. However, the Cervélo Caledonia sets an impressive standard by seamlessly accommodating this feature. Bridging the gap between aspirational road bikes and practicality, the Caledonia family delivers. While we all yearn for a lightning-fast race machine, the reality of riding in Montreal presents challenges—our roads are less than smooth, the weather is capricious, and stop signs punctuate the journey at every turn. This reality is likely why the Caledonia-5 stood out as our most sought-after road bike of 2023. Our team pushed this bike to its limits, from racing in events like Les Mardis Cycliste to enduring 300+ km journeys up mountainous terrains. Yet, while these adventures are exhilarating, our focus here is on a remarkable aspect: fenders—a standout feature of the Cervélo Caledonia and Caledonia-5.


     In line with the ethos of creating bikes by riders for riders, Cervélo's designers discreetly integrated fender mounts into the Caledonia models. These mounts, strategically placed behind the fork crown and the chainstay bridge (where the chainstays converge with the BB), along with adapters for the thru axles, facilitate the attachment of fender bolts. If you relish riding in the rain or prefer to ride without fenders during the summer, the inconspicuous mounts allow for a seamless transition. However, it's worth noting that mounting or removing them can be cumbersome, so we advise a more seasonal approach—install them in fall and remove them in spring after the roads are clear.


     For detailed installation instructions, refer to the manuals for the Caledonia and Caledonia-5, accessible via the provided link here.


     Fenders are an under appreciated addition to any bike. When properly installed, they not only enhance the aesthetic but also elevate the riding experience. Let's dispel some fender myths while we're at it.


     Do fenders compromise your bike's aerodynamics? According to a study by Bicycle Quarterly, fenders neither improve nor diminish a bike's aerodynamics. They even highlight that the front portion of the front fender, known as the fairing, is utilized in Moto GP racing motorcycles to reduce drag. Overall, fenders have a neutral impact on a bike's aerodynamics.


     Do fenders significantly increase the weight of your bike? Opting for quality fenders minimizes weight concerns. Aluminum fenders offer a lightweight solution. Their inherent stiffness negates the need for heavy-duty stays, unlike plastic counterparts. For instance, the Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders weigh 454 grams per pair. Explore models from Velo Orange or Portland Design Works for lightweight aluminum fenders. Conversely, plastic fenders tend to weigh more due to the necessity of stronger stays. The Axiom Roadrunner AR - Trekk fenders showcased on the Caledonia-5 weigh around 600 grams per pair.


     Finding compatible fenders for the Caledonia and Caledonia-5, with a maximum tire clearance of 34mm, can be a challenge. For instance, the Axiom Roadrunner AR - Trekk was a suitable trial run for the Caledonia-5 displayed in the photos. Metal fenders might be the optimal choice, but currently, these are the ones that fit. With the aforementioned fenders, a Specialized Armadillo in a 700c x 28mm size fits perfectly. Cervelo notes that using fenders reduces the maximum tire clearance to 31mm, unless custom-made fenders for the Caledonia are utilized. Expect to easily find fenders allowing for a 28mm tire.


     Having ridden through wet and unpleasant conditions between Christmas and New Year's, the fenders on the Caledonia-5 have proven to be a game-changer. With the cross-country ski season delayed, these fenders have revitalized the cycling season. After covering approximately 50-60 kilometers, there's been no rubbing or noise from the fenders, and the bike continues to perform optimally. While some road grime may still find its way into the drivetrain, it's notably less than it would have been without the fenders.


     For those without a Caledonia or a bike equipped with fender mounts, consider quick-release fender options like the SKS Raceblade Pro Fender Set. These fenders are easy to install and compatible with virtually any road bike.


     If you're keen on weatherproofing your bike for outdoor excursions, visit our shop, and we'll assist you in gearing up for the new year.














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