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Golden Sports X Santa Cruz

Golden Sports X Santa Cruz

Do you like to send it? If so, check out some models from our all new brand to start off the 2023 cycling season

Rocks, mud, gaps, drops and gnar; Santa Cruz is no small fish in the mountain bike world. They perform on the highest levels of the world mountain bike circuit in XC, DH, enduro and even gravel. If it touches the dirt they've got the bike for you. 



Founded in 1994 on Bronson Street in Santa Cruz, California the Santa Cruz bicycle company has been making some of the best dirt weapons on the market. Starting with the Tazmon, a 80mm travel, dual supension mountain bike that launched Santa Cruz on to the mountain bike scene. Over the 30 years Santa Cruz has been making bikes they’ve had 89 models, all pushing the limits of bicycle design.


The Tazmon set the standard for all the bikes Santa Cuz has released since, combing downhill prowess with climbing capability. Their VPP system has set them apart from the rest as they put a lot of R&D behind the “pedalability” of their bikes.


Aside from their next level design quality is their Rider Support. Every decision they make as a company comes from the perspective of the rider since they themselves are riders. Which is why Santa Cruz offers lifetime rider support (lifetime warranty, lifetime bearing replacement and lifetime support on all models).


As seen on their popular YouTube series of factory tours they have a hands on approach to every stage of the process. Still located in Santa Cruz they design and engineer everything themselves. Every Santa Cruz sold has its bolts torqued, greased and gathered in the Santa Cruz facility by a dedicated employee.


Alongside Santa Cruz are their partner brands like Julianna and Reserve wheels. Julianna is their sister brand of women's specific mountain bikes that take into account what makes a bike perform better in a smaller size. Commonly brands with design their bikes around a size medium or large and just scale up or down to account for smaller or larger sizes but this makes the same bike handle differently at every size. Reserve wheel are their house brand of wheels, assembled in Santa Cruz by hand in the same place as their bikes the Reserve wheels are a step above the rest.


We’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Santa Cruz for a couple months now and they’ve been nothing but the best. We can tell building the bikes that they put a lot of effort into creating the best rider experience they could offer.


Whether you are looking for a new gravel bike or DH racing machine Santa Cruz has got you covered. Check out their models here

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