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Golden Sports X Ultradynamico

Golden Sports X Ultradynamico

If super high thread count tires and second glances from the most ear to the ground cyclists is what you are after check out the Ultradynamico tire line up to find the best rubber for you:

Self-proclaimed "tire enthusiasts," Pat and Ron, embarked on a mission to create the most aesthetically pleasing and high-performing tires on the market. Deep within the forests of Connecticut, they meticulously blended a high thread count casing with the finest rubber, resulting in the release of their perfect tire. Designed to take you off the beaten path and fuel your next off-road adventure.


We've been closely following their journey here at the shop. The distinctive grey Ultradynamico tires began appearing on our ever-expanding Instagram feed of custom builds, and we knew we had to try them out. After extensive searching and hours of sleuthing, we managed to get our hands on these coveted grey gems.


After a few months of riding on these tires, they truly live up to their claims of comfort and grip. If you're someone who frequently deals with punctures or seeks bulletproof tires, these may not be your best choice. Their Race series, positioned at the top of their lineup, may not have the longest lifespan, but they offer exceptional grip and suppleness. Some of us used them in the Big Red Gravel Run this August, and they performed admirably on slick mud and even on the luxurious gravel sections, providing a smooth ride despite the robust middle section of the tire. Stay tuned for an upcoming tire guide where we'll delve deeper into our thoughts on gravel tires.


The JFF, or "Just For Fun" tires, represent their more affordable and industry-standard casing and rubber option. These tires tend to last longer than the ultra-supple Race series and are ideal for all-around use, whether it's your daily commute or touring to local donut shops.


For your long-haul journeys, Ultradynamico has you covered with their Robusto tires. These feature a super high TPI (thread per inch) mystery casing concealed beneath the Robusto sidewall protection. If you need that extra layer of protection for extended trips, the Robusto is the top choice. Its compound is engineered to endure longer on pavement compared to other tire series.


Ultradynamico offers three distinct tread patterns: CAVA, Rosé, and Mars. In terms of tread aggressiveness, the CAVA offers free speed and a high-volume slick tire. It excels in luxury gravel riding or leisurely Sunday tours along the Hudson, where you can seamlessly transition to gravel paths if you wish. If you're seeking a tire for high-speed racing, these may not be the best choice. While they provide a wonderfully supple feel and perform admirably on wet roads, they are not optimized for aggressive road racing. However, if you enjoy leisurely Sunday rides and coffee stops, the CAVA is the tire for you.


Next, we have the Rosé. These tires offer excellent grip and are often used as front tire companions to the CAVAs due to their grippy shoulders, allowing you to confidently tackle loose corners at high speeds. We've been testing the Rosé Race model for the past few months, and it excels in terms of grip. The tread is relatively aggressive for everyday riding, but the tire's supple nature ensures you won't sacrifice speed on smooth surfaces. However, it's worth noting that they are not the most durable option. After a few weeks of casual riding and the Big Red event, some of the knobs showed faster wear than expected.


For superior grip on wet or loose terrain, consider the MARS model. These tires are finely tuned for all-terrain performance. In classic Ultradynamico fashion, these tires offer exceptional traction and stability, making sure you never lose your grip. The tread rubber extends further down the sidewall compared to the CAVA or Rosé models, providing additional sidewall protection. They excel in shedding mud, which is remarkable for a tire with such a substantial tread.


We've been thoroughly impressed with the Ultradynamico lineup this season, so come by the shop and pick up a pair for yourself.