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Lighter, faster, funner? Meet the all new Skitch

Lighter, faster, funner? Meet the all new Skitch

Go further, go faster and have more fun. Meet the all new Santa Cruz Skitch, the e-bike that can take you here there and everywhere:

In traditional Santa Cruz fashion they have broken the mold again with the all new Skitch. Designed to be light and fast where ever you need it. Weighing in at 30 lbs / 13.6 kg with a 50c tire clearance for all your adventures. E-bike technology is only getting better and the Skitch has raised the bar once again. More torque and at a lighter weight than the rest of the e-bikes on the market. 

As you can probably tell by now they have borrowed a lot of the same design formulas from the new Stigmata released earlier this year. Progressive geometry and suspension adjusted fork if you desire to get a little rowdy. With the drop bar models coming as a mullet set-up with the traditional road shifters up front and the new SRAM GX transmission in the back for ample range in gears to climb walls. 

As for the motor, the Skitch has a Fazua Ride 60 electric motor producing 60 Nm of torque, 430 Wh battery capacilty and a range of 100 km. Also, to adjust range on the Skitch to optimize the usage for your ride the battery performance can be changed in the FAZUA App. This baby goes the distance with all the power to get you to the top of even the steepest climbs. And for the controls to change between the three power modes on the drop bar they are located under the hoods so they are reachable from the drops as well. Then the flat bar as the controls located next to the left brake. The toptube integrate display has LEDs to indicate battery charge and ride mode but also holds a USB-C port to charge your phone or GPS. 

The Skitch comes in 4 build kits. Starting at the Apex Flat Bar kit at $7,799 and going up to the GX AXS kit at $9,499.

We've have the pleasure to see a few through our doors already so feel free to reach out with any questions and we'd be happy to help you get on the Skitch today.