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The e-bike revolution now comes in pink! Meet the all new Santa Cruz Heckler SL

The e-bike revolution now comes in pink!                                                   Meet the all new Santa Cruz Heckler SL

Get yourself on a Heckler SL before they start passing you on the trail! Read all about the all new motor, battery size and weight of this sneaky new e-bike:

If you're anything like us, more laps equal more fun. With the all-new Heckler SL, you can enjoy all the laps you want while experiencing the feeling of your classic trail bike. Much like the Skitch, Santa Cruz has once again pushed the envelope in the world of e-bikes.


The Heckler SL, boasting a 430 Wh battery size, mixed wheel size, and low weight, eliminates the need to choose between fast, light, or powerful. Available in both C and CC Carbon frames, the Heckler SL weighs in at 43.11 lbs to 41.74 lbs at the higher end. Santa Cruz dubs it a trail bike with hidden superpowers. Often, e-bikes excel on the uphill but fall short on the downhill due to their larger size and the extra energy required to get them off the ground. The Heckler SL, on the other hand, rides like a full-power e-bike on the ascents but feels much like your regular trail bike on the descents.


In terms of its place in the lineup, it resembles the e-version of the Bronson, featuring 150mm of rear travel and mixed wheel sizes to position the rear wheel effectively for steep descents. However, with the classic VPP suspension setup, you won't need to worry about how this bike responds on the uphill climbs.


The FAZUA RIDE motor's sleek hidden design seamlessly integrates the Heckler SL into the rest of the bikes on the hill. The FAZUA motor provides a unique riding experience, as the designers ensured it still feels like a regular mountain bike, with torque gradually building rather than abruptly peaking on tight switchbacks. Another highlight is the range; similar to full-power bikes, the RIDE 60 makes the Heckler SL significantly lighter, so you won't waste any energy on unnecessary weight.


The Heckler SL offers various options, from the R-kit C Carbon frame (43.11 lbs / 19.55 kg) at $9,499 CAD to the XX AXS Reserve kit and CC Carbon frame (41.74 lbs / 18.93 kg) at $16,899 CAD. Coming in two colours Gloss Magenta and Matte Silver it caters to the very flashy and the very chic. 


Come and test one for yourself before the snow season arrives!





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