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Bike of the Week: Stinner Gibraltar Disc Ti

Bike of the Week: Stinner Gibraltar Disc Ti

See more of what went into the building of the Stinner Gibraltar Disc Titanium frameset.

“Where world class design meets high performance” - Stinner Frameworks certainly lived up to their motto with this build. Completed with a full Easton cockpit and wheels as well as Shimano’s Dura-Ace 12-speed groupset, this bike is stacked to the nines with some of the best products the cycling scene has been graced with in recent years. 


 This build started in late January last year where the rider was looking for something that went fast on Sunday morning group rides but could also be comfortable for long rides in the country. The only caveat was that no out-of-the-box bike ever fit well, they were either too long or too tall. With the Gibraltar that would never be a problem since all their frames are made to the rider. With our fit studio in house we sent the riders ride style and body geometry to Santa Barbara, California where to Stinner Frameworks team designed the frame up  from the raw tubing to perfectly fit the rider and their riding style.   


The paint scheme inspired by old school motor racing in the 1969 Porsche 911 and contemporary cycling style to create a classic look with a British Racing Green base colour with Cream and Grey stripes. The paint job went through many iterations before finalizing on the  schemes and shades in the paint. The paint team at Stinner were very helpful making sure this bike lived up to its timeless inspiration. 


Built with a full Easton cockpit, wheels and seat post. The  combination of aluminum stem and the carbon E100 bar made for a responsive front end when going for town signs. For wheels the  EC90SL withvault hubs were an obvious choice for quick climbing while still ensuring aerodynamics forcross winds on country roads. Topped with Vittoria Corsa Controls in a 28 with latex tubes for the most comfortable ride feeling. The Dura-Ace 11-speed Di2 drivetraincompleted the build providing crisp shifting every time. 


A true classic. Stiff, light and fast the Stinner Gibraltar Disc Titanium frame exceeded expectations in all riding styles. Looking forward to seeing this bike in the shop for years to come.