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Gear Essentials: Mission Workshop Bags

Gear Essentials: Mission Workshop Bags

Our new favourite bags just came in stock ready to pack a few extra layers for fall riding.

Named after their favourite San Fransisco burrito shop, Mission workshop pulled out all the stops for the Toro Handlebar Bag. Weather proof, zero bounce, internal key clip, lash points and able to fit on any bike this bag is a cut above the rest much like the others in the MW x ACRE Series. The Mission Saddle Bag and the Toro Grande Handlebar Bag are made in the same way as the Toro, a cut above. 


We’ve been putting these bags to the test for about a week now, putting them through the paces on gravel, mountain and road. After all the ride testing every one here has been passing around one phrase, bullet proof. All the materials put into this bag have carefully picked to ensure this bag will stand the test of time. To really put these bags to the test we really threw them around on the mountain bike. While testing the Toro we added some bars, gels, keys, wallet and arm warmers in the bag to really see how it does with some weight and it stayed true to its zero bounce claim. The Toro Grande was impressive for its size isn't what we’d recommend for your everyday mountain biking though if you are going bike packing the extra space would be perfect. As far as finding things in the bags they are really great, we never wasted any time rummaging around looking for anything small in the corners as the opening is wide for the size of the bag. 


The Mission Saddle Bag will be our go to from now on for every style of riding. With its sole mounting point being the straps on the saddle rails it allows for use on bikes with dropped posts. Didn’t get in the way at all, allows the dropper to move up and down freely. We found our max capacity to be a 29er tube, CO2, small tire lever and multitool. The Hypalon straps are stable when it counts and never letting the bag jump around. Four elastics on the inside of the bag made sure that there was no moving around or rattling on the indie of the bag. 


Overall, if you’re looking for bags to stand the test of time with premium performance in all areas the MW x ACRE Series is for you. Mission Workshop left no stone unturned when designing these bags and it shows. Road, gravel, mountain, etc… these bags are the way to go.